What we do

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Making Climate Impact Investing easy and accessible

Our money has the power to combat climate change.

Let’s put it to work.


Small actions matter — walking rather than driving, choosing a reusable coffee cup, recycling food packaging. But when we invest directly in the companies most affecting the environment and away from fossil fuel, our impact is multiplied. 

This is why Bloom is on a mission to make Climate impact investing easy and accessible.

We’re building a new way to invest, that allows people to access great returns and fight climate change at the same time.


It is time to invest in the new, ethical, and sustainable businesses that power local economies, restore ecosystems and build social and financial equity.

Bloom offers community events and workshops and is soon launching an investing app to bring this vision to life.


Building a community of people using their money for impact

Bloom’s mission is to create a movement of people using their money to make a positive impact and fight climate change.

That’s why we have created the ‘Australian Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance Meetup group’. Our group is dedicated to making impact investing and sustainable finance easy and accessible.


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We offer free webinars and events every month with leaders in the impact investing field, to explore practical opportunities for investments to deliver positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Investing in safe water, cleantech, solar and wind energy, electric vehicles, green construction...should be a walk in the park, not Jurassic park!


We dive into what it means to have an impact, share experiences of investors and entrepreneurs, and present opportunities to invest and get involved for impact.


A clean wave of wealth is coming, and you don’t want to miss out.  Join us.

A Community of Impact Investors

Networking Event


Bloom is a Community of people using their money power to fight climate change.

We offer free events about impact investing to help people use their money power and make a difference. 


It's strangely hard to find good content about climate impact investing that is not greenwashing or pure marketing. We think it should be easy for anyone to invest AND create a positive impact on the planet.

This is why we host regular Climate Impact Investing workshops, in partnership with the Responsible Investment Association Australasia and certified financial advisors.