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Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Events

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Become a savvy ethical investor with our free impact investing events

We’re just like you. A change we don’t want to see more of on the news? Climate change. That’s why we created a finance community rooting for companies making a sustainable future.

Many people want to make a difference with their money but don’t know where to start.
So we’ve created this community for all Australians to learn how to invest in a bright, green, and inclusive future.


We offer free investing educational webinars, where we invite finance and climate impact experts for you to:

  • Learn how to invest with Climate Impact

  • Discover cleantech companies you can invest in 

  • Learn how to navigate your finances with impact

  • Meet with the brightest experts from the sustainable finance world - all behind the comfort of your screen

  • Learn about the latest cleantech trends and climate innovation

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Upcoming Events

Missed our last event? Watch the recording below.

Discover how the Bloom Climate Impact Fund positively impacts by investing in water with Kilter Rural. Our founder hosted a Q&A session with Euan Friday to unpack how investing in water can drive financial returns and a positive environmental impact.

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Companies We Have Worked With

Past Events

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