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Start Investing in Renewable Energy 
and Clean Technologies with your
Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Did you know you can invest your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) in clean energy and cleantech with Bloom?

When it comes to managing an SMSF, diversification and sustainable returns are key. Unfortunately, investing in clean energy projects and cleantech is complex, time-consuming, and often requires wholesale or sophisticated investors (i.e being able to invest large minimum investments or certifying having 2.5m in net wealth). Bloom is an ethical investment fund focused on helping all SMSF owners to invest and benefit from the wealth and opportunities created by the clean energy transition. 

The freedom to diversify your SMSF into Cleantech listed and unlisted assets, starting from just $5,000 as a minimum investment 


Our multi-asset investment strategy gives access to a wide range of listed and unlisted green infrastructure, alternatives, and equities in one simple fund, starting from $5,000 for SMSF. Bloom exposes you to unlisted assets such as green bonds and clean energy projects and the flexibility to withdraw and liquidate from the retail fund at any point.

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Give your portfolio exposure to robust ESG and impact research


Researching cleantech investments is complex and time-consuming. When investing with Bloom, your SMSF benefits from our extensive research and climate impact expertise. The Bloom Climate Impact Fund gives you exposure to a wide range of climate solutions defined scientifically by Project Drawdown and ClimateWorks, so you can be assured you're investing in impactful solutions such as solar energy, electric vehicles, waste management and recycling to accelerate our transition to a Net-0 economy.

An experienced team, supported by Melbourne Securities Trustees


Each holding is rigorously assessed for its ESG credentials by our experienced Investment Committee to ensure it contributes to a better climate future and avoids environmental, social and governance risks.


The Bloom Climate Impact fund is a registered managed investment scheme with ASIC (ARSN: 656 971 881); units in the fund are issued by Melbourne Securities Corporation Limited (ACN 160 326 545, AFSL 428289) as the responsible entity of the Fund.

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A curated investment portfolio based on scientifically proven climate solutions.


A simple mobile app to track your investments.


A range of listed securities and unlisted investment funds and products.

Community events where you can learn more about investing to combat climate change.


Easily invest and withdraw at any time.


Access to unlisted clean energy infrastructure and green bonds.


Unsure if Bloom is for you?

Book an obligation free 1:1 session to learn more about Bloom and our Self-Managed Super Fund. Plus you’ll receive our FREE cleantech investing guide.

The Bloom Impact Fund is a multi-asset, diversified growth portfolio aiming to deliver on performance AND impact. See how our fund works to make an impact for you and the planet.
Asset class
Strategic Asset Allocation
Australian equities
S&P/ASX 300 Total Return Index
14% [9 – 19%]
International equities
MSCI World ex-Australia Total Return Index in AUD (Unhedged)
54% [49 – 59%]
MSCI Australia Infrastructure Index
5% [0 – 10%]
25% MSCI World ex-Australia Total Return Index in AUD (hedged) + 25% MSCI World ex-Australia Total Return Index in AUD (Unhedged) + 50% Bloomberg Global Aggregate TR Hedged AUD
7% [0 – 12%]
Fixed Income
Bloomberg Ausbond Composite 0+ Years Total Returns Index
18% [10 – 25%]
Cash or cash equivalent
Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Bill Index
2% [0 – 10%]


This impact category focuses on promoting our transition to renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power, hydropower and more.


Some companies in our fund that target this solution

  • Mercury

  • Meridian

  • Lam Research Group


The Impact 

Meridian Energy launched a program in 2021 to support the reduction of emissions from industrial boilers powered by fossil fuels. The program aims to remove over 100,000 tonnes of co2 from the air.


Food, Agriculture and Land Use

This impact category focuses on improving food security, agricultural practices, protecting existing ecosystems and reducing waste


Some companies in our fund that target this solution  

  • Costa group holdings 

  • Kilter Rural Fund


The Impact 

Oatly aims to shift to 100% sustainable ground transport for its products and materials by 2029. They have already seen an 87% reduction in CO2 emissions by utilising a mostly electric fleet of vehicles in Europe.



This impact category focuses on improving industrial processes like manufacturing and production and moving towards circular business practices. 


Some companies in our fund that target this solution  

  • Sims Limited 

  • Cleanaway 

  • Cisco Systems


The Impact

Saint Gobain founded WOOL2LOOP, a cement alternative made from waste and produces 80% less CO2 than traditional cement.




This impact category focuses on reducing our reliance on fossil-fuel transport and minimising emissions associated with the infrastructure and operations of transportation.This includes electric vehicles, battery technologies, public transport… 


Some companies in our fund that target this solution  

  • Tesla 

  • Nio 

  • Vulcan Energy


The Impact

In 2021 the global fleet of Tesla vehicles, energy storage and solar panels enabled their customers to avoid emitting 8.4 million metric tonnes of CO2e into the atmosphere.



This impact category focuses on creating more energy-efficient buildings, primarily by improving heating and cooling and shifting to renewable energy sources.

Some companies in our fund that target this solution  

  • 3E Group 

  • Mirvac


The Impact

In 2020 through the use of Automation, Energy Management and maintenance, Azbil were able to help their customers save 2.94 million metric tons of CO2 from reaching our atmosphere.

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Create your Bloom Account

Get setup within 5 minutes on our app. Note you’ll need a certified copy of your trust deed and bank details for the trust on hand.


Send us the required documents by email.

This includes a copy of your trust deed.

Track Investments and Impact

See your returns and follow your impact all within the app.

Our Fees

Bloom has a $5,000 minimum investment for Trusts


For Accounts UNDER $10,000

$4.50 per month

The monthly fee is charged for administering your investment account. Cancel anytime.


0.80% per year

Bloom charges a 0.80% p.a Investment Management fee on your account balance. Indirect costs (charged by issuers of underlying investments such as ETFs) are 0.19% p.a.


For Accounts with $10,000 an above

0.80% per year

Bloom charges a 0.80% p.a Investment Management fee on your account balance. Indirect costs (charged by issuers of underlying investments such as ETFs) are 0.19% p.a.

No account fees

No brokerage fees
No sign-up fees
No exit fees
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