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Green Investing App

Climate Impact Investing

Made easy.

How it works

Bloom is Climate Impact Investing, made easy.

We pick the most profitable and impactful investments worldwide, so you can make a positive climate impact without compromising on returns.

Good for your finances 💸  And the planet 🌏.

Install the app and create your account within minutes.

Invest in a diversified green portfolio of renewable energy projects & global companies leading the fight against climate change.

Track your performance and measure your portfolio CO2e impact in real-time.

Why choose Bloom 

Competitive returns, real impact

We combine the leading climate research available in Australia and globally with rigorous financial analysis to ensure we only invest in the best companies truly helping us reach a Net-O carbon economy. In other words: companies offering scientifically-proven clean technologies kicking serious climate change goals.

No jargon. Just radical transparency.

You see exactly how much C02 emissions you are saving and how much money you are making. You can see what each company or project you invest in is all about.

Every week, you receive impact stories from your portfolio and get to see all the good impact your money is creating in the world.


Start with just $500

What was once restricted to very wealthy investors, is finally accessible. You can start from $500, and add automatically to your portfolio every week.

Everyone should benefit from the global clean energy transition.

Our investment portfolio is diversified across medium to large listed companies, green bonds, and clean energy infrastructure. We do the research so that in one simple portfolio, you get to invest in only the best green assets.

Not just investing. A movement of good people using their finances for good.

.With the Bloom Impact Investing app, you join a movement of people ready for a clean money revolution.

Good people. No jargon. Just radical transparency.

Say bye to shady financial planners.

Welcome to a new wave of wealth - inclusive, green, and completely online. We meet online to help each other grow our wealth and learn how to make a positive impact. We offer free impact investing and sustainable finance events every month.

It's the Bloom way.


Ready to grow your money and fight climate change at the same time? 

Join our community, and you’ll be the first to know when we launch. You will also receive news and invites to our impact investing events.