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Impact Investing

Our Approach

The Bloom impact Investing investment methodology is built to maximise your financial returns while delivering significant climate impact. Our portfolio is made up of a diversified mix of investments chosen to help you grow your wealth and reduce CO2 emissions


How does our climate-impact-first selection methodology work?

1. Climate Action Methodology

Climate action is core to our investing strategy. When you invest in our portfolio, you get to invest in companies providing scientifically-proven ways to tackle climate change, and organisations actively cutting down CO2e emissions.

Our portfolio has been developed in alignement to the recommendations given by Climateworks and The Drawdown project, two of the most robust climate science research organisations looking at ways to transform our economy to limit global warming.

2. Financial Analysis

We carefully perform a detailed financial analysis on each company to determine which climate-impact companies are performing best in their respective vertical. There are many companies in the solar energy sector for example. We only pick the ones with the best financial performance credentials. We assess the overall business performance, profit forecast, capital structure, earning quality, and more. All this is done to ensure the best financial return possible.

We also ensure returns are in line with each asset class market expectations.

3. ESG Analysis

Our final step is to test all companies through our environmental, social and governance filter. We use the most stringent ESG (environmental, social and governance) methodologies available internationally to make sure we pick the best-in-class companies, able to offer sustainable returns in the long run. As part of this process, hundreds of data points are considered, such as climate targets ambition level and reporting, compliance with anti-modern slavery legislations, the company’s management of its relationships with its workforce, alignement with the sustainable development goals etc...

4. Impact Tracking and Engagement

We don’t stop at our portfolio construction. We track our impact on an ongoing basis. Investors have the power to influence the companies they invest in and raise concerns about how they are operating.

On your behalf, Bloom Impact Investing engages directly with the companies you invest in on important topics, encouraging them to improve on social, environmental or governance aspects.

After these four steps, only the best, most profitable and most impactful companies remain. It’s the Bloom Climate Impact Portfolio.

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