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Our team’s expertise is matched with a deep commitment to delivering a net zero future.

Combining our sustainability, finance and technology know-how, we’re creating an easy way for Australians to invest their money to create a positive climate impact. We collaborate with a leading ethical investing company in Australia to create a cutting-edge green portfolio, pushing the boundaries of what can be done to maximise impact and returns.

Our Founders


Camille Socquet-Clerc

Founder and Director

Marketing expert with 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing Industry.


Born in the french Alps, I grew up in the mountains and close to nature. After close to a decade working in the marketing and communication industry, in France and Australia, I decided to put my skills at the service of climate action.


Inspired by two years spent working at EnergyLab, Australia’s leading cleantech startup accelerator, I got inspired to create my own company to make an impact. Hours and hours spent amongst clean energy innovators, I learnt that we have all the technical solutions to stop climate change at our fingertips...but an enormous climate funding gap is keeping us away from reaching a net-0 carbon economy and a safer future.


Realising the scale and speed at which we needed to act to avoid irreversible damage to our climate, I became passionate about one of the most powerful weapons our generation can use for change: finance. 


If only we could get the financial system to work for, not against nature. If only we could reinvent a more inclusive, green, and circular economy, respecting the boundaries of our planet, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Instead of growing our money at all costs, why couldn’t we invent a way for our money to build a brighter, cleaner future? Could we place the environment at the heart of our economy?

Nature’s magic is to find balance. Our lives and finances should be the same, not growing at the expense of people and our planet. In a regenerative economy, we could all thrive, we could simply bloom.


My work happens in the cross-section of the financial markets and climate change, to transform our financial system. My dream is to move billions away from fossil fuels, to boost and accelerate our clean energy transition. My vision is to see all the companies offering climate solutions WIN. My passion is to help Australians become heroes of our climate transition, by making climate impact investing easy, accessible and financially rewarding.

Camille Socquet-Clerc


Bertrand Caron

Founder and Head of Technology

Experienced software engineer and full-stack developer.


Bertrand Caron

I have a passion for writing great software, to solve hard problems, in simple ways.


In my current position at Bloom, I design and develop software to make climate impact investing easy and fun.

Computer language is my mother tongue. I started coding at age 10, before it was cool. I am tenacious, but growing up in a family of 7 kids taught me a thing or two about staying calm and not taking myself too seriously.


In a previous life, I got a PhD in Computational Biochemistry by combining aspects of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer science to solve novel problems relating to many different fields.


Today, I get to use my skills to protect everything I love outside work: cycling, mountain-biking, long-distance hiking, and generally speaking anything that involves the great Australian outdoors.


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