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Our team's expertise is matched with a deep
commitment to delivering a better climate future.
Photo of Camille Socquet-Clerc, CEO and Co-founder of Bloom

My vision is to see all the companies offering climate solutions WIN. My passion is to help Australians become heroes of our climate transition, by making climate impact investing easy, accessible and financially rewarding.

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Co-Founder and CEO

Camille is an experienced digital marketer, community builder and climate action design thinker.

She founded Bloom after working at Australia’s leading cleantech startup accelerator, EnergyLab, where she witnessed how an enormous funding gap prevented technical solutions from making an impact on a better climate future. She’s dedicated to building a powerhouse team to transform the financial system and empower every Australian to use their investment power to create a better climate future. She is a member of the Sustainability Advisory Group at Gateway Bank.

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Co-Founder and CTO

Bertrand is an experienced software engineer and full-stack developer. At Bloom, he channels his passion for writing great software to solve hard problems simply and is dedicated to app development, cyber security as well as data and reporting.He holds a PhD in Computational Biochemistry where he combined aspects of Chemistry,Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science to solve novel problems in different industries.

Photo of Bertrand Caron, CTO and Co-founder of Bloom

I use my passion for writing great software to protect everything I love outside of work: cycling, mountain-biking, long-distance hiking, and anything that involves the great Australian outdoors.

The unique 35+ years experience of our CIO Daniel East combined with our prestigious Climate Investment Committee has allowed us to create a green portfolio with a strong investment strategy. 
Photo of Dan East, Chief Investment Officer at Bloom

I strive to deliver the very best investment experience, where individuals can align their personal values with their investments and feel both connected and engaged.

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Chief Investment Officer

Dan is a highly experienced senior investment manager with extensive global expertise. He has over 35 years’ experience in financial markets, including equities, fixed income, currencies, credit and derivatives across European, US and domestic markets. During his career Dan has also held senior executive management roles with several APRA regulated financial institutions. With a specialist understanding of responsible investing, Dan is passionate about helping Australians align their values with their investments


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Chief Operations Officer

Emily is a true jack of all trades and brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight to her role at Bloom. With over 20 years of experience in the financial markets as a Director, Investor and Entrepreneur, Emily lends her skills and know-how to socially responsible fintech startups. Having successfully founded two of her own FinTech companies, Emily supports Bloom with regulatory requirements, best practice operating procedures, business planning, financial modelling and more. She is a CFA charter holder, has a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours), Bachelor of Business (First Class) and a Diploma in Financial Planning.


I'm passionate about using money to achieve positive change.  My role at Bloom is to make the process as easy as possible for you to invest in the things you care about

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My role at Bloom has allowed me to bring my passion and purpose together to create measurable and impactful change. 

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Growth Marketing Manager

Anna is a passionate marketer with a strong background in Digital Marketing, Campaign Development, Event Management, Communications, Partnerships and more. Having worked across Education, Disability, Not For Profits, Tech and Finance sectors, she brings substantial experience to the role and is a true customer advocate. Passionate about delivering outstanding customer experiences, using data and insights to guide decision making and conveying USPs.