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How much should the world invest to reach Net Zero by 2050

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

According to IRENA's 2021 publication World Energy Transitions Outlook: 1.5°C Pathway, countries worldwide can meet the Paris Agreement of 1.5°C by the year 2050. More importantly, this can be done with existing technologies and emerging solutions.

Who is IRENA?

IRENA (the International Renewable Energy Agency) is at the forefront of bringing global energy system change by promoting renewable energy, such as bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar, and wind. Through supplying tools and services such as renewable energy cost studies, technology briefs, and capacity statistics, IRENA helps the 180 actively engaged countries reach their renewable energy potential.

The following infographic is a breakdown of the data presented by IRENA in their World Energy Transitions Outlook: 1.5°C Pathway preview. The figures provide insight into how impact investing affects large, CO2-emitting sectors, how investments should be distributed, and how much energy transition investments need to be increased.

You can read more about IRENA's findings here.

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Net Zero by 2050 Achieved with Investments

Investment guide infographic to reach Net 0 emissions globally by 2050
Infographic: Investment guide to reach Net 0 Emissions by 2050

You can make an impact!

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Don't forget, you can also join the Bloom community if you want to learn more about sustainable investing We have an upcoming array of events where you can learn how to make a positive impact on your finances.

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