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What’s inside the Bloom Impact Investing Portfolio?

Investing in scientifically-proven climate solutions

Bloom invests in renewable energy infrastructure and companies providing products or services identified as scientifically proven* to decrease carbon emissions. Our investment phylosophy is to accelerate Australia and the world’s transition to a net-0 carbon economy. It’s not greenwashing, it’s true, measurable climate impact.


By making impact measures and updates available directly to you, we are raising the bar for all other investment products and encouraging all companies to improve their climate reporting, ultimately leading to better environmental outcomes.

*Based on the latest science & modeling available - as of 2021:

Australia: ClimateWorks 

Global: WRI - Project Drawdown - IPCC

Diversified asset classes

We invest in a diversified mix of climate impact investment, with a unique mix of green bonds, australian and international equities in a variety of sectors and locations:

  • Australian equities

  • Global equities

  • Clean Energy Infrastructure (think solar or wind farms!)

  • Green bonds

  • Cash

8 Key investment areas to accelerate the world's transition to a Net-0 carbon economy

Bloom invests in climate solutions such as e-mobility, renewable energy, carbon sequestration, circular economy, regenerative agriculture, bio-fuels, plant-based food etc...Bloom offers climate friendly portfolios, with diverse levels of risks, supporting retail investors who intend to reduce GHG emissions and aid the transition to a low-carbon economy through investment activities.

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1. Renewable Energy Generation

Getting away from fossil fuel is urgent to reduce carbon emissions. We invest in solar, wind, hydro, hydrogen, storage and demand response companies.

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3. Clean Water & Ocean

Mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrasses sequester huge amounts of carbon in plants and soil. Protecting them inhibits degradation and safeguards their carbon sinks.

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2. Land Solutions, Agritech and Foodtech

We need healthy soil to nourish people, preserve biodiversity and capture carbon. We invest in sustainable agriculture, on-farm efficiency, agtech, plant-based food, green fertiliser, carbon forestry, lab meat and enteric fermentation treatment

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4. Industry Efficiency

We need to make all industries more efficient, smarter, cleaner and more circular (use, recycle, reuse!) To do this, we need to support the circular economy and waste management, proven electrification, bio energy, bio fuels, Bio feedstocks, Carbon capture and storage (CCS), and Reduced emissions intensity of materials & products (like green cement!).

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5. Building Sector & Energy Efficicency

With an ever growing population on the planet, we cannot leave the construction sector behind. We invest in materials and systems that make buildings smart and energy efficient.

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7. Green Construction

Bloom invests in green building and materials substitution, solar thermal and hydrogen.

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6. Green Transport

With an ever growing population on the planet, we cannot leave the construction sector behind. We invest in materials and systems that make buildings smart and energy efficient.

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8. Electrification and smart city

Bye fossil fuels! Hello clean electric or hydrogen power. Our cars and roads need to transition to electric and hydrogen.

A few examples of companies the Bloom Impact Investing portfolio might invest in

These are some climate impact companies on our watch list - after a thorough financial and ESG (environmental, social and governance) analysis, some of them might be selected for the final Bloom portfolio.

Canadian Solar Inc. is a publicly traded company that manufactures solar PV modules and runs large scale solar projects.

enphase energy.png

Enphase Energy is a global energy technology company and leading supplier of solar microinvesrters.


Vestas Wind Systems is a Danish manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines.

NIO is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, specialising in designing and developing electric vehicles.

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Meridian is New Zealand's largest renewable energy power company.


Mercury NZ Limited is a New Zealand renewable electricity generation and electricity retailing company. 


Blueglass is an Australian clean technology company developing  semiconductor technologies to optimise energy efficiency.

Blueglass logo

BINGO Industries is a waste management and recycling buisness operating in Australia.

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Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California.

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But does Climate Impact Investing Offer Good Returns?

At Bloom, we know you don’t have to choose between doing well and doing good.

The Oil and Gas industry is slowly declining, and the renewable energy and cleantech industry is offering opportunities for growth, as governments across the globe are making strong commitments to reach a Net-O economy in the next 20 to 40 years.

Investing in companies that have their emissions under control is a great opportunity. In Australia for example, the Deloitte cleantech index (tracking cleantech stocks listed in Australia against the ASX200) has outperformed the ASX200 for 7 years in a row*!

*As of December 2020, according to Deloitte DACT Index. Please note past performance is not an indicator of future performance and this data is provided solely for educational purposes. Before making any decisions affecting your financial situation you should consult a professional advisor.

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